Madison Braid | Halo Soft Headband

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This Madison Braid  halo is just what you need to spice up your look! This braid effortlessly blends in with your hair and can be worn with your hair down or up! 

The Halo Headband has double the fullness of other Madison Braids, giving your look a voluminous & full look.  

Hair Type:Synthetic 

Includes: (1) Headband Madison Braid | Halo Style

Colors: Available in 12 salon inspired shades

Other Madison Braid Options

This Item: Halo Style features twice as much hair as other options for a fuller and more voluminous look.  This item features a stretchable headband for perfect sizing. 

Arisa Fishtail: This item features a fishtail braid with a stretchable headband for perfect sizing.  

Hard Headband: This item is a traditional headband featuring a 2 strand braid.  This particular headband can not be custom sized.  

See below to compare the Madison Braid options side by side.  


Style Videos Featuring Madison Braids Halo