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Crown Halo - Light Volume

Hair Length: Comes in 16, 18, or 20 inch length.  

Hair Type: 100% Human Hair

Brand: Babe Hair Extensions 

Item: Crown Halo Extensions Light Volume

Hair Weight: 105 grams

Babe Hair Extensions Instant Hair is made with the same quality 100% human hair their signature salon-installed extensions.  The hair quality in these human hair extensions allow you to style your hair and your crown halo hair for a perfect blend.  Easily curl, or straighten this human hair with ease.  This hair can even be colored by a trained stylist you trust with hair extensions.  

What is a Crown Halo Extension?

Crown Halo Extensions are the modern upgrade to clip-in extensions.  Crown halo extensions offer the flexibility of clip-in extensions, with bigger and better technology that uses a micro-film wire that fits on your head, instead of pulling on your hair strands.  The invisible wire is easily disguised by your own hair, giving you ultimate flexibility to add hair in an instant.  These extensions are worn without the use of heat, or clips, which means zero damage to your own hair.  

Light Volume or Full Volume?

The Crown Halo Extensions come in two fullness options:  

Light Volume: This option consists of 105 grams of beautiful salon-quality 100% human hair.  105 grams of hair offers a very noticeable difference in volume for someone with fine to normal hair.  

Full Volume:  This option consists of 50% more hair, at 155 grams of beautiful salon-quality 100% human hair.  If you are looking to add length to your natural hair, we recommend the Full Volume version of Crown Halo Extensions since they have more hair on the weft, which gives your stylist more hair to cut and blend while maintaining a thick and beautiful addition to your style.   This option is also ideal for someone looking for a dramatic addition of volume to your natural hair.  

How to wear:

It only takes a fraction of a minute to install your Babe Crown. You can adjust the micro-film wire so it fits on petite, large, and all head shapes.  Once fit, it feels secure without any discomfort or pulling since it conforms to your head shape.  

Step 1:  Lay your Crown halo on the top of your head, and pull down on the weft until it feels lightly secure on your nape.  

Step 2:  Use a tail comb to pull a layer of your natural hair over the wire. Then use your tail comb to pull your natural hair over the extensions to hide.  Use a wet brush, or any hair extensions flexible brush to completely blend and disguise.  

How to take off: 

Crown stays in place and is easily removed at the end of the day. To remove, lift the longest hairs on your halo straight up off your head.