Hairskeen | Men's Mono Base Topper

  The Hairskeen Mono Base allows versatility in how you install the system.  You can choose how to wear this base by installing it using tape, bonding, or a combination of both tape and bonding.  This system also has a slightly longer life span, however can be tricky to disguise compared to the skin which is the ultimate discreet option. 

   Always select "In Store Pickup" as we will not ship these extensions to you. This deposit covers the cost of hair, and the service fee for installation will be due when hair is installed.  

Installation Price: $200-$250 Based on your Stylist's Service Expertise.

Blending Haircut Price: $64-$94 Based on your Stylist's Service Expertise.  

Removal & Reapplication Price: $125-$175 Based on your Stylist's Service Expertise.


These extensions will not be shipped to you. This payment is for the new hair extensions for our upcoming install appointment.  Please select "In Store Pickup" when asked about your shipping method.