Human Hair | Men's Mono Base Topper

The Hairskeen Mono Base allows versatility in how you install the system.  You can choose how to wear this base by installing it using tape, bonding, or a combination of both tape and bonding.  This system also has a slightly longer life span, however can be tricky to disguise compared to the skin which is the ultimate discreet option. 


The normal cycle of a Hairskeen Mono System flows like this:

Visit 1: Consultation & System Selection                                                                      Complimentary

Visit 2: Custom Fitting + Install + Blending Haircut                                                      $325

Visit 3: System Removal & Re-Install                                                                              $150

(Most guys also get a separate haircut of their bio hair at this visit as well)               $45


For re-orders of future systems, we will generally use the cap made during your 1st Custom Fitting unless otherwise requested.