Hairskeen Men's Hair Replacement System in Dallas

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What is Hairskeen?

Hairskeen Men’s Hair Replacement Systems are a fully customizable hair replacement system for men experiencing partial or full top of the head hair loss or balding. 

Each unit is fully sized, cut, and designed to your own head shape and hair growth patterns.  Our stylists are trained and certified on the Hairskeen Systems and can confidently customize a unit for multiple scenarios:

Before & After Example of a System Installed @biggerbetterhair 

Cap Constructions 

Skeen System 175 | 174 | 109 | 183

The Hairskeen "Skeen" cap is the most discreet and top tier option offered by Hairskeen.  This base offers the most realistic scalp available in the hair replacement business. This system can only be installed by bonding it to your scalp as it is not compatible with tape adhesives. Due to the nature of application, Skeen systems need to be replaced between 1-4 months depending on each system. 

Lace System 103 | 111

The Hairskeen "Lace" cap allows you to install the system using tape, bonding, or a combination of both tape and bonding.  This system has a longer life span than the skin system, and usually needs to be replaced every 2-3 months.  

Hybrid System 143 | 157

The Hairskeen "Hybrid" cap is a system that features a combination of both lace and skin.  This system has a longer life span than Skin and Lace options, and usually needs to be replaced every 4-6 months.  


System Durability 

 Skeen System

174 | 175 : 1 Month, 109:2-3 Months, 183: 2-4 Months 

 Lace System

103: 2-3 Months, 111: 1-2 Months

 Hybrid System

143 | 157 : 4-6 Months

 * Please note, system durability is dependent on general wear, lifestyle, and at-home maintenance consistency. Clients are strongly encouraged to follow aftercare instructions to ensure maximum system longevity. Durability timelines, as listed above, are not garunteed, but recommended per manufacturer production process. *

Ordering Info

  Always select "In Store Pickup" as we will not ship these extensions to you. This deposit covers the cost of hair, and the service fee for installation will be due when hair is installed.  

Installation Price: $325-$425 Based on your Stylist's Service Expertise.  

Blending Haircut Price: $50-$68 Based on your Stylist's Service Expertise.

Removal & Reapplication Price: $175-$215 Based on your Stylist's Service Expertise.


These extensions will not be shipped to you. This payment is for the new hair extensions for our upcoming install appointment.  Please select "In Store Pickup" when asked about your shipping method.