Skinny Tape Extensions @biggerbetterhair

Number Of Packs

Please select the number of packs you will need, as determined by your stylist during your consultation.  Always select "In Store Pickup" as we will not ship these extensions to you. 

This deposit covers the cost of hair only! The service fee for installation will be a separate charge due when these extensions are installed.  

Installation Price (Per Pack (7) of Skinny Tape Extensions): $145-$205 Based on your Stylist's Service Expertise.

Blending Haircut Price: $64-$94 Based on your Stylist's Service Expertise.

Removal & Reapplication Price (Per Pack (7) of Skinny Tape Extensions): $125-$185 Based on your Stylist's Service Expertise.


These extensions will not be shipped to you. This payment is for the new hair extensions for our upcoming install appointment.  Please select "In Store Pickup" when asked about your shipping method.  

Life Span 

The usual life span of our Skinny Tape Extensions is 6-9 months with regular reapplications every 6-8 weeks.  Some clients are able to wear the same set of hair for 9-12+ months.  Much of the life span is dependent on how well they are maintained with the products you use at home, and how often you use hot tools above 390 degrees.  The more you shampoo your hair, or use hot tools (especially without a thermal protectant) will significantly decrease the life span of your hair extensions.   


We stand behind our work @biggerbetterhair so long as you stand behind taking care of your hair extensions at home.  To extend our comprehensive warranty, we require that you to purchase our Hair Extension Warranty Bundle, which ensures that you have the products and tools to maintain your extensions properly in between visits.   

Our extension warranty includes the color match, blending haircut, and workmanship.  If the Hair Extension Warranty Bundle was purchased at the time of install, and replenished in a reasonable timeframe for subsequent purchases, we will waive all $25 quick fix service fee's in the event they are needed in between visits.  

What is included in our Hair Extension Warranty Bundle: 

- Choose of our extension friendly shampoo & conditioners.  

- Choose one of our extension friendly brushes. 

- Choose one of our extension friendly leave-in creams. 

We will offer a 10% discount on these products when this bundle is purchased.